„Financial management and verification“ Sector


Eleonora Nikolova - Head of Sector

Tel.: +359 2 9329 246


Address: 1000 Sofia, No 21 "6-ti Septemvri" Str.


Functions of „Financial management and verification“ Sector

•Supervises and coordinates the implementation of the financial verification of beneficiaries under the OPs;
•Supervises and performs first and second check of the correspondence between planned and actual costs, associated with the implementation of grant contracts/ orders for provision of grants to beneficiaries under the OPs;
•Carries out activities related to the collection, processing, review and update of financial data;
•Performs on-going checks/inspections and checks on the spot, where necessary, for the financial implementation of grant contracts under the OPs;
•Controls, tests and validates the expenses for advance, interim and final payments to beneficiaries under the OPs;
•Views and makes decisions on received by the beneficiaries requests for amendments to grant contracts, concerning amendments to the financial details of the contract.