„Legislation, internal control and irregularities” Department


Ginka Todorova - Head of Department

Tel.: +359 2 9329 203


Address: 1000 Sofia, No 21, "6-ti Septemvri" Str.


Functions of "Legislation, internal control and irregularities" Department

  • Provides legal support and legal advice to the Head of the MA;
  • Reviews the legality of all official documents issued by the MA, concerning the implementation of the OPs;
  • Provides and maintains systems and procedures for prevention, recording and reporting signs of irregularities and attempted fraud in the management and implementation of the OPs;
  • Uploads/ updates information on signals for irregularities in UMIS and reports them to the respective national and European authorities;
  • Participates in taking action for the return of sums wrongly paid in connection to irregularities under the OPs;
  • Provides legal assistance in monitoring and controlling cases of corruption and fraud;
  • Carries out the necessary checks on the absence/the presence of double funding under suspicion of double financing of projects/activities;
  • Responds to complaints and objections, submitted by candidates.